Volunteer With Us

With more helping hands we can support more kids through our scholarship program. We need support in increasing reach to students, raising funds, mentoring, website maintenance, building partnerships, starting new initiatives etc. You don't have to make big commitments, a few hours every week goes a long way. Send us an email on info@kiran.foundation


Our Work


Focus Area

Be a part of our team: Volunteers needed to uplift through education and women's empowerment at Kiran Foundation.


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Explore diverse virtual internship opportunities across various domains, offered by Kiran Foundation.



Your support is a catalyst for positive transformation - Donate and be a part of Kiran Foundation's journey.

Engage and Contribute: Your Volunteering Journey


Identifying Your Role

  • Guide and mentor students throughout their educational journey, helping them achieve their potential.
  • Lead workshops empowering women with essential life and vocational skills.
  • Dedicate 5-6 hours per week, contributing to our mission at your own pace.
  • Create online content to raise awareness and share success stories.
  • Support fundraising efforts to ensure sustainable impact.

Insights and Learning

  • Connect, empathize, empower.
  • Personal growth, tangible change.
  • See growth and self-sufficiency in action.
  • Engage meaningfully, empower change.
  • Witness education and independence drive impact.


Merits of Volunteering

  • Receive an official certificate recognizing your dedication.
  • Enhance abilities through hands-on experience.
  • Personal growth development while making a difference.
  • Build valuable connections with fellow volunteers.
  • Leave a lasting mark through empowerment.

Internship Opportunities

Discover hands-on internships across diverse domains, including web app development and more. Elevate your skillset while making a meaningful impact within our transformative initiatives.