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किरण प्रतिभा

In India every year many bright young kids have let their hopes and dreams go. They are forced by circumstances to battle harsh realities of life at the cost of their future. Many of them born into poor or uneducated families. Our aim through this program is to identify exceptional but underprivileged kids and support them in their endeavours of Education, Sports or Art according to their interest and abilities.

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किरण शक्ति

Confident and empowered women are essential for a strong and resilient society. Unfortunately, vitality of women as a catalyst for change is grossly underestimated in our society. Through this program we provide vocational and life skills trainings for women in their native language. We not only train them but also connect them to opportunities based on thier skills and constraints.

Current Trainings

किरण ज्ञान

Right knowledge is most important tool for decision making. Ignorance is often not the absence of knowledge but absence of right knowledge. We regularly organized various free workshops. Our workshops are conducted by subject matter experts and are aimed to provide inspiration along with the information. We also provide one-on-one career counselling and guidence on the need basis.

Upcoming Workshops

किरण सम्मान

India has about 80 million disabled people. They are never a factor in infrstructure, transportation etc. Not just small builders but many big real estate developer/builders close their eys towards disabled while building apartment complexes. This insensitivity makes India one of the worst countries for disabled. We are challenging this attitudes through disability sensitization and working on restoring the respect and equality for people with disability.

Kiran Scholarship - 2021

Kiran Foundation offers scholarship and support to exceptional but underprivileged kids in their endeavours of Education, Sports or Art according to their interest and abilities. Foundation will be offering active guidance and personalised mentoring along with Financial Support. The sole aim of foundation is be to make this kids capable and successful.


Financial Support

The foundation will provide complete financial support to aid the child towards their persuite. This includes fee, travel, puchase of books, equipments etc.


Personal Mentoring

Our team at foundation will work closely with each child. The team will gather nacessary resources and connections. Each child will be provided a personal mentor, who will be available for support at any given time.



  1. Monthly income of the Family should be less than Rs. 10,000.
  2. Child should have passed 8th Standard or 14 Years of age.
  3. Child should have shown enormous potential in his/her field of interest.


Important Dates

Last date for submitting the application is 31st March 2021.

Children shortlisted for personal discussion will be intimated by phone before 30th May 2021.


Please send the application along with following detail:

  1. Name, Address, Phone number etc.
  2. Name of mother and father and means of living
  3. Date of birth, qualification of the kid
  4. Why should this scholarship be given to the kid.

Please send the application along with following detail:

  1. Attested photocopies of Last three years mark sheets.
  2. Attested photocopies of certificates of achievements if any
  3. Recommendation letter from two independent people (along with the phone number, email, address or the person Recommending)

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Courses and Workshops

Python Course in Hindi

This is a basic python programming course for women who have no prior programming knowledge but know basic use of computer. The purpose of the program is to train home-makers, who want to learn programming. This course will enable you:

  1. To be able to start a career in programming
  2. Teach programming to your kids
  3. Automate tasks such as keeping track of online price of a product.
Course will start on 5th January 2021, and will run approximately for three months. Classes will be conducted every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 3:00 PM India time and 9:30 AM UK time. Course will be conducted in Hindi and it will run virtually. You will need access to computer and Internet Connection. Last date for registration to the course is 2nd January 2021. Course will be free of cost. But if you have means and willingness, we encourage you to make donation to Kiran Foundation. Your donations will help us support more youths for our 2021 scholarship program.

Registration for this Course is now closed.

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About Us



Our vision is to enable promising and bright minds from underprivileged and marginalized section of society, can reach their full potential. We strive to build a financial, emotional and mental support system that can empower them so that they can realize their full potential and reach where they deserve to be.



Kiran Foundation is established with inspiration from life of Late Smt. Kiran Jain (17th Oct 1955 - 15th June 2015). She had endured extreme hardship in her life, but always kept smile and hope true to her name. With this foundation we are hoping that her life will become inspiration for other people to bring happiness and progress in their life.