Kiran Pratibha 2024 Results Announced!!.
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If a hardworking, talented youth can not fulfill his/her dreams due to a lack of resources, it is the failure of the whole society. We dream of a society where merit and hard work are supported irrespective of financial, physical, or social status. Kiran Foundation is a family of like-minded, capable, and compassionate people and we are committed to bringing a fundamental shift in our society

Smt. Kiran Jain

Volunteers / Internship

With more helping hands we can support more kids through our scholarship program. We need support in increasing reach to students, raising funds, mentoring, website maintenance, building partnerships, starting new initiatives etc. You don't have to make big commitments, a few hours every week goes a long way. Send us an email on info@kiran.foundation


Our Initiatives


किरण प्रतिभा

In India every year many bright young kids have let their hopes and dreams go. They are forced by circumstances to battle the harsh realities of life at the cost of their future. Many of them were born into poor or uneducated families. Our aim through this program is to identify exceptional but underprivileged kids and support them in their endeavors of Education, Sports, or Art according to their interests and abilities.

किरण शक्ति

Confident and empowered women are essential for a strong and resilient society. Unfortunately, the vitality of women as a catalyst for change is grossly underestimated in our society. Through this program, we provide vocational and life skills training for women in their native language.

  • Vision

    We dream of a society where merit, dedication and hard work take the driver's seat.

  • Mission

    To empower socially, physically and financially disadvantaged sections of society and provide wings to their dreams.

  • Values

    Knowledge, Transparency, Discipline and Compassion are the foundation of our mission.

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Kiran Pratibha 2024 Results Announced

We are delighted to announce the results of Kiran Pratibha 2024. Congratulations to all the participants for their outstanding performances.

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Kiran Pratibha 2024 Registrations Open

Inviting applications for Kiran Pratibha Scholarship 2024. All young achievers, please note that 30th April 2024, is the last date to your submit application.

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Kiran Pratibha Schlorship Result 2023

List of Selected appicants who applied for Kiran Pratibha Scholarship 2023.

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