Kiran Shakti

Confident and empowered women are essential for a strong and resilient society. Unfortunately, the vitality of women as a catalyst for change is grossly underestimated in our society. Through our Shakti program, we provide vocational and life skills training for women in their native language. We not only train them but also connect them to opportunities based on their skills and constraints.


Four Pillars of Shakti


Law for Women

Indian Constitution offers equal and distinct rights to girls for their safety and development. Courses and workshops on this topic cover laws that every Indian Women must be aware of. The course not only teaches theory but also practical application and nuances of the law.

Financial Skills

The courses and workshops under this topic cover financial skills that women can use to earn, spend and invest money in daily life. The course covers topics such as Insurance, Investment, Budgeting, Banking Systems as well as protection against financial fraud.


Digital Skills

We are living in a digital age and we must know how to harness digital technology as well as protect ourselves from digital frauds and scams. The courses and workshops under this category cover various practical tools such as Canva, Website building, Social Media, Mobile Skills etc.

English Speaking Club

There are groups of 4-6 women in each group. They meet online and speak only in English and build confidence in communication.


Join Kiran Shakti Group

We run regular courses and workshops under the Kiran Shakti program, join our WhatsApp group to get the latest updates on Kiran Shakti Program and connect with like-minded progressive women.